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Management Consulting

Business Vision

Use Design Thinking approach to define a new business vision in terms of values, objectives, business model, capabilities and technology through workshops with top management


Define innovative strategy based on new business vision and clearly state the different milestones to define the roadmap. Communicate the strategy to onboard and motivate client teams as well as partners


To transform an organization requires a proven methodology. We have extensive experience in setting up company-wide transformation plans and their department level implementations


New strategies and market developments often require organizational changes. We design organization models based on target capabilities to best match new strategies. We also help top management with HR issues in areas such as coaching, recruiting or individual assessments

Capability analysis

Achieving a new vision often requires new capabilities. We help our clients to map these new capabilty requirements and define a roadmap to acquire such capabilities

Change Management

Adapt or perish is the new reality in a hyper-digitized world. In order to retain and motivate its talents, an organization must accompany this constant adaptation with a tailored change management approach

Executive coaching

From the onboarding process to the challenge of taking a new position, executives can benefit from a bespoke coaching approach

Recruitment & head hunting

Talent is key for success in an ever changing digital world. We help organizations to plan and organize their recruitment but also with tailored head hunting efforts

M&A consulting

From preparing a company for divestiture to defining the post merger business plan to helping with the integration, we provide the right resources to help make M&A a success

Management accounting

New business plans require new KPIs and agile management accounting processes. We help organizations to setup such systems and avoid being blind sided while waiting for the right reporting

Executive interim management

Our senior advisors have performed executive interim management missions in CIO or CEO positions when clients faced an emergency crisis situation or simply to fill the gap while a recruitment is underway

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