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Design thinking

Design Thinking is an interative and agile process based on collective intelligence to imagine and design a new business vision, a new service or product. We have repeatedly and extensively used this approach to unleash creativity


Brainstorming sessions is now a widely adopted approach. We take it to the next level by embedding consultants with specific roles (facilitator, disruptor, court jester, …) during these brainstorming sessions

New product design

From design thinking to fast prototyping and agile methods, we help our clients to fast forward product design and development

Market adjacency strategies

Exploring adjacencies along multiple axes (such as product, geography, distribution channels, industry, …) is a simple and effective growth strategy to leverage your strength in new areas

Marketing innovation

Innovation is not limited to products or services but can also be applied to marketing. In fact combining new agile marketing approaches with new products or services in a "lean marketing" approach is an result-proven emerging field

Digital transformation

Setting the vision for a digital transformation is quite a challenge! From creating the customer facing digital interface to providing the right digital tools for your employees and setting up the information system to drive this transformation is a journey that must be carefully planned.

Marketing & product design agility

We view innovation as a company wide process that should encompass new business models, new product development but also new marketing approaches. We help our clients to setup marketing Labs to introduce agile innovation into their marketing

Big Data

Big Data encompasses a set of technologies, methods and practices that allow the rapid study of very large volumes of varied data in order to establish original models that offer a more detailed vision of reality and allow more relevant decisions to be made.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence involves the use of intelligent computer software that engages in humanlike activities, including learning, planning and problem-solving, to boost revenue, improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and drive business growth and transformation.

Design Thinking
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